The company has set up a state-of-the-art plant for the manufacture of Instant Coffee, to meet the global demand for good quality soluble coffee. The very best machinery, from the world’s leading manufacturers have been installed for this purpose. The plant incorporates an Aroma Recovery Unit - a unique manufacturing process by which the full aroma of the coffee is completely retained in the end product.

The sophisticated plant has a very high installed capacity, with an additional option of enhancing the output as and when required, to ensure prompt and uninterrupted supplies to bulk and high volume customers.

The plant also has the flexibility to manufacture different qualities of coffee to meet the exacting needs of each individual market. The company produces

- Spray-Dried Powder
- Agglomerated Soluble Coffee.

Packing and labelling are also done strictly in accordance to customer’s specific requirements. The company has ultra modern facilities for packing in

- Bulk
- Tins
- Jars
- Sachets

in different sizes and different packaging materials to suit individual needs.


Roasting, one of the most vital aspects of coffee manufacturing process, is done in imported automatic Roasters. These sophisticated Roasters have temperature controls, ensuring an even roast and optimization of flavour.

The ground coffee is packed immediately in automatic packing machines using the best quality packaging materials to eliminate any loss of flavour.

Ground coffee can be packed to customers specific requirements.