At Narasu's, we've perfected the art and science of coffee manufacturing by constant research and adapting to latest technologies. Sorting of the coffee beans is done with the help of Electronic Colour Sorters. Roasting is by means of imported automatic Roasters, which have temperature controls for even roasting and optimization of flavour. Multi-stage gradual grinding is done so that the aroma and flavour of the coffee is not in any way lost in the process.

The coffee is then packed immediately in automatic packing machines using the best quality packaging materials to eliminate any loss of flavour. Narasu's has its own retail outlets in prominent locations catering freshly ground coffee to its quality conscious customers.From the factory the packed coffee we shift immediatelly by companies own veichles to ensure that the coffee reaches the consumers as fresh as possible.

Our passion for excellence has been uncompromisingly continuing for over 82 years now. This passion has given birth to the development of the finest quality coffee.